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[Event]  The First Seoul Forum ChinaTalk2014.08.27

The First Seoul Forum ChinaTalk

"Rising China's Influence in Developing Asia"

Presented by Evelyn GOH, Australian National University

Coordinated by CHUNG Jae Ho, Seoul National University


The inaugural Seoul Forum ChinaTalk was hosted by the Seoul Forum for International Affairs on April 3, 2014, at the Seoul Club. Organized and coordinated by Professor Jae Ho Chung, the Seoul Forum’s new China Program Coordinator, ChinaTalk serves as an exclusive venue for sharing and exchanging ideas on contemporary China and its growing influence on today’s world. Evelyn Goh of Australian National University was invited as the first speaker for the ChinaTalk. Following the opening and greeting remarks from President Ku-Hyun Jung and Jae Ho Chung, Evelyn Goh presented her findings on China's power and influence based on her most recent research project, Rising China's Influence in Developing Asia.


The early part of Goh’s presentation touched on the specifics of defining how China has effectively translated its resources into crucial impact on the choices of the countries in the Asian region. With the premise that slippage between power and influence makes it difficult to directly equate China's resources directly with its influence, Goh offered in depth insights regarding three types of influence in her research: "preference multiplier" (i.e., charm offensive including economic leverages), "discursive persuasion" (i.e., new discourses on peace and security), and "power to prevail" (i.e., increased defense capabilities). In conclusion, Goh suggested that there existed "a kind of chasm between the notion of influence that China feels about itself having and the level of influence that the rest of the world perceives that China has."

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