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[Publications]  SFIA Newsletter- "Korea and Australia in the New Asian Century" by Park Jin2013.09.25
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Korea and Australia in the New Asian Century


by Dr. Jin Park


Endowed Chair Professor,

Graduate School of International and Area Studies,

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


Executive President

Asia Future Institute

Seoul, Korea




South Korea and Australia have been close partners sharing the values of liberal democracy and free market economy in the Asia Pacific region for more than six decades ever since the Korean War. The changing geopolitical environment, however, requires that the two countries forge a multi-faceted strategic partnership to exercise a middle-power diplomacy and promote peace and stability in the Asia Pacific. The two countries have the common task of dealing with an assertive China as the rising superpower in Asia while maintaining the alliance partnership with the U.S. It is in the interest of the two countries to ensure that the U.S.-China relations do not turn into a confrontational zero-sum game. As like-minded middle powers, the two countries should play greater roles to expand the bilateral partnership in the regional and global stages. The growing non-traditional security threats, such as human rights violations and cyber terrorism, also pose common challenges to South Korea and Australia in maintaining the regional order and stability. Finally, the two countries should collaborate to prepare for the eventual peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula. These common efforts should include peace-keeping and post-conflict stabilization activities under a contingency situation. In conclusion, South Korea and Australia must proactively step up their preventive middle power diplomacy and bridge the gap between China, U.S., and the rest of the region.


Keywords: Korea-Australia partnership, Middle power diplomacy, Dealing with China, Non-traditional security threats, Korean unification


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