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    • 송경진 Song, Kyungjin
    • 세계경제연구원 원장
      President of the Institute for Global Economics (IGE)

    송경진박사는 한국의 민간 비영리 연구기관인 세계경제연구원(IGE) 의 원장이다. 세계경제연구원에서 활동하기 이전에 그녀는 대한민국 정부를 위해 다양한 업무를 수행하였다. 2009-2011년 그녀는 G20 정상회의 준비위원회 위원장 특별보좌관으로 있었다. 2008-2009년 그녀는국가경쟁강화위원회 위원장 특별보좌관직을 맡았으며, 2004-2007년에는 재정경제부 외신대변인으로 있었다.

    Dr. Kyungjin Song is President of the Institute for Global Economics (IGE), a private non-profit research institute based in Seoul, Korea.

    Before Dr. Song joined the IGE, she served the Government of the Republic of Korea in various capacities. She served, 2009-2011, as special adviser to the Chairman of the Presidential Committee for the Seoul G20 Summit in the Office of the President which included more than one-third of the cabinet members. While working as special adviser, she also oversaw the entire production of the official White Paper of the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010. Dr. Song also worked, 2008-2009, as special aide to the Special Economic Adviser to the President and Chairman of the National Competitiveness Council in the Office of the President. From 2004-2007, she served the Ministry of Finance and Economy as foreign press spokesperson. In her capacity as foreign press spokesperson, she made contributions to the Financial Times, Newsweek and other international press.

    Dr. Song was conferred, June 2011, with the Korean Government’s Order of Civil Service Merit “Red Stripes” for her outstanding contribution to the success of Korea’s G20 presidency in 2010. She also received the Plaque of Appreciation from JoongAng Ilbo, Korea’s leading daily newspaper, for her contribution to the JoongAng media group.


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