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    • 김윤 Yoon Kim
    • (주)삼양홀딩스 회장
      Chairman and CEO of Samyang Corporation

    삼양그룹 김윤 회장은 1985년 삼양사에 입사했다. 1996년 삼양사 대표이사 사장에 선임되었고, 2004년에 대표이사 회장으로 승진하였으며, 현재 CEO로서 삼양그룹 경영을 이끌고 있다.
    김윤 회장은 고려대학교 경영학과를 졸업하고 미국 MIIS에서 MBA를 취득했다.
    대외적으로는 전경련 부회장, 한일경제협회 부회장, 한국경영자협회 부회장 등을 맡고 있다

    Yoon Kim is the Chairman and CEO of Samyang Corporation, the parent company of Samyang Group of companies. Since his joining Samyang in 1985, he has been the President of Samyang since 1996, Chairman and CEO since 2004. He holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Korea University and MBA degree from Monterey Institute of International Studies (Monterey CA U.S.A).
    In addition to his responsibilities in Samyang, he is currently the Vice Chairman of The Federation of Korean Industries, Vice Chairman of Korea-Japan Economic Association and Vice Chairman of The Korea Employers Federation.


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