The Seoul Forum For International Affairs (SFIA)

Brief History

A. History, Members and Finance

The Seoul Forum for International Affairs (SFIA) was formally established in 1986 as a private, non-profit and non-partisan organization aimed at promoting and enhancing international understanding of Korea in the global community. Membership includes leading members of academia, media, the public sector, legal profession and business. The Seoul Forum is financially supported by income from its members’ annual fees, private donations, and grants from partnering foundations.

B. Organization

The Seoul Forum is headed by a President and Vice President. The Board of Directors provides the overall direction of the Forum. The Steering Committee is empowered by the Board to carry on organizational and functional responsibilities of the Forum with the assistance of the Secretariat. At the present time, the Steering Committee consists of the Chairs of the committees: (1) Program, (2) Membership, (3) Finance, (4) Public Relations, (5) General Affairs, (6) Research, (7) YoungSan Diplomat Award, and (8) Office Building.

C. Officers

Chairman of the Board of Directors
LEE Hong-koo

Presidents Emeriti
HAN Sung-Joo, KIM Dalchoong

JUNG Ku-Hyun

Vice Presidents
RYU Jin Roy, YOON Young-kwan

Members of the Board of Directors
HAN Sung-Joo
JUNG Ku-Hyun
KIM Dalchoong
KIM Myung Ja
KIM Yoon
LEE Seung-Hoon
PARK Young-ju
RYU Jin Roy
YOON Young-kwan

KIM Hyo Joon, YI Insill

Steering Committee
CHUNG Jae Ho (Program)
EOM Gu Ho (General Affairs)
HAN Duk-soo (YoungSan Diplomat Award)
KWON Goohoon (Finance)
LEE Seung-Hoon (Office Building)
LEE Shin-wha (Research)
MIN Sunshik (Membership)
SOHN Jie-Ae (Public Relations)

CHOI Yoomi (Executive Assistant)
JIN Seul A (Intern)
KIM Lee-soo (Junior Fellow)
SOHN Gyu Won (Research Fellow)

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