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    • 김동연 Kim, Dong Yeon
    • 전 기획재정부 장관 겸 경제부총리, 아주대학교 총장, 전 국무조정실장, 전 대통령실 경제수석실 경제금융비서관
      Minister of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, President of Ajou University, Minister of Prime Minister's Office, Senior Secretary to the President for Economy and Finance at the Office of the President

    Dong Yeon Kim is currently the Minister of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. He was the 15th President of Ajou University, one of the dynamic and leading private universities in Korea. Previously, Dr. Kim was the Minister of Prime Minister’s Office, taking charge of coordination and management of state affairs in Korea as a whole. He, as State Minister, also engaged in the control of the affairs arising out of all the ministries of the Korean government.

    During his service at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance as Vice Minister from early 2012 until taking office as State Minister, Dr. Kim was in charge of the national budget formulation, economic and fiscal policy coordination, and governance of SOEs. Prior to that, he served as Head of Budget Office in 2010 during which time he played a leading role in linking the national budget with policy, taking responsibility for budget planning and formulation, oversight for public fund management, as well as allocating financial resources to line ministries and public sectors.

    Dr. Kim also served as Senior Secretary to the President for Economy and Finance at the Office of the President, where he oversaw and coordinated a wide range of the nation’s economic and financial issues. During this term, Dr. Kim led successful initiatives aimed at countering the global financial crisis in 2008-2009. He also headed the Strategic Planning Bureau where he initiated and implemented the government-wide project on establishing national vision and policy goals, and formulating long-term fiscal strategies to achieve the vision.

    Dr. Kim has accumulated depth of experience in international organizations and academia. From 2002 to 2005, he worked in the World Bank as a project manager, directing and organizing the World Bank Institute’s projects for knowledge sharing, training, and policy consultation in public expenditure management and public sector reform. He also served as Fulbright Visiting Scholar to the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University in Washington D.C.

    Dr. Kim earned Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Public Policy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A., under the Fulbright Scholarship. During his service in the Korean government and the World Bank, he published a book and a number of research and policy papers on an extensive range of topics, including top-down budgeting, medium-term expenditure framework, and performance management.


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