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    • 김항덕 Kim, Hang-duk
    • 중부 도시가스 회장, 전 SK 주식회사 회장
      Chairman, Jungbu City Gas

    1941년 12월 21일생 서울대 상대.
    (주)유공 대표이사부회장 SK그룹 회장 대우 상임고문 역암
    현재 중부도시가스(주) 회장
    1986년. 은탑산업훈장 수상

    Chairman, Jungbu City Gas Co., Ltd.

    Born in 1941. Educated at Seoul National University in Business Administration. Mr. Hang Duk Kim is Chairman of Jungbu Citygas. He retired from the position of Senior Adviser of SK Corporation at the end of 2003 and from Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company and Vice Chairman of the Group at the end of 1997. He joined Yukong as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in 1980, and served as President and C.E.O. since 1984 before being promoted to Vice Chairman and C.E.O. in 1994. He was previously employed by Sunkyong Limited and joined Yukong when Sunkyong became the 50% shareholder of Yukong, replacing Gulf Oil Corporation in 1980.


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