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    • 윤영관 Yoon, Young-kwan
    • 서울대학교 정치외교학부 명예교수, 제32대 외교통상부 장관
      Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University; former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    1951년생 서울대 문리대, 존스홉킨스대에서 수학. 미국 캘리포니아대(UC Davis)조교수, 서울대 사회대 외교학과 교수, 미래전략연구원 원장, 외교통상부장관 역임.

    Yoon Young-kwan (Ph.D., SAIS, The Johns Hopkins University) is Professor of international political economy at Department of International Relations, Seoul National University. Before he joined the faculty of Seoul National University in 1990, he taught at University of California at Davis for three years. He established and served as the president of the Korean Institute for Future Strategies and the Korea Peace Institute, private non-profit research institutes. He is currently director of the Center for International Studies, Seoul National University. After serving as Chairman of Committee of Foreign Relations, Security, and Unification of Presidential Transition Team (Jan.-Feb., 2003), he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade until January 2004. He wrote several books and published about 50 articles in the field of international political economy, Korea’s foreign policy, and inter-Korean relations, some of which appeared in World Politics, International Political Science Review, Asian Survey, etc. Born in Namwon and married with one daughter.

    AREA OF INTEREST: International Politics, International Political Economy, Political Economy of East Asia, Inter-Korean Relations.

    1981 1987: The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (Ph.D., 1987).
    1971 1977: Seoul National University. B.A. (1975), M.A. (1977)

    Recipient: Best Book (1996) Award, Korean Association of International Studies (1996)
    Recipient: Korean Government Scholarship (1981, 85)

    2004 (Jan.)-Present: Professor, Dept. of International Relations, Seoul National University
    2003 (Feb.)-2004 (Jan.): Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    2003 (Jan.)-2003 (Feb.): Chairman, Committee of Foreign Relations, Security, and Unification, Presidential Transition Team
    2000 (Feb.)-2002: Member, Policy Evaluation Commission (Foreign Affairs and Trade), Prime Minister’s Office.
    1990-2003 (Feb.): Assistant Professor (1990), Associate Professor (1994), Professor (1999), Dept. of International Relations, S.N.U.
    1987-1990: Assistant Professor. Department of Political Science University of California at Davis

    2007 (May)- Present: Director, Center for International Studies, Seoul National University
    2000 (Jan.)-2002 (Dec.): Member, Board of Directors, Korean Political Science Association, Korean Association of International Studies
    1999 (Jan.)-Present: Member, Editorial Advisory Board, International Journal of Korean Studies
    1997 (June-August): Visiting Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, D.C.
    1996 (August)-1997(June): Visiting Scholar, SAIS, The Johns Hopkins University

    2001 (Apr.)-2003 (Feb.): President, Korea Institute for Future Strategies.
    2006 (Feb.)-Present: Senior Advisor, Korea Institute for Future Strategies.
    2007 (Feb)-2011 (Feb.): Director, Korea Peace Institute

    January 12, 1951. Male. Married with a daughter.

    PUBLICATIONS (Samples)
    1. Yoon Young-kwan, "Toward a New Security Order in Pacific Asia," in Simon S.C. Tay, ed. Pacific Asia 2022: Sketching Futures of a Region (Tokyo: JCIE Press, 2005, distributed by the Brookings Institution Press).

    2. “Multilateral Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia: An Illusive Dream or What?” Yale East Asia Forum on Political Economy, June 1, 2006, Yale University, U.S.A.

    3. “U.S. Policy toward the Crisis,” in The Korean Economy beyond the Crisis, edited by Duck-Koo Chung and Barry Eichengreen (Cheltonham, U.K.: Edward Elgar, 2004).

    4. “Introduction: Power Cycle theory and the Practice of International Relations,” in International Political Science Review, Vol.24, No.1 (2003).

    5. “The Sunshine Policy: A South Korean Perspective,” Paper prepared for the conference on “Inter-Korean Relations: Past, Present and Future,” organized by the CSIS and the Council of Foreign Relations, Washington, D.C., June 12-13, 2002.

    6. “Politics of Regional Economic Cooperation in East Asia: A Korean Perspective,” International Conference on Building an East Asian Community: Conditions and Prospects organized by Asiatic Research Center, Korea University, December 17, 2001.

    7. “The Multi-dimensional Nature of the North Korean Problem and Its Implication for the U.S. Policy,” The 2nd Annual Reconciliation Forum International and the 10th Washington North Korea Roundtable, organized by The Institute for Strategic Reconciliation, the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., June 7-8, 2001.

    8. “The North Korean Problem from a Political Economic Perspective: Why Do We Need a New Approach?” Paper presented at International Conference on Inter-Korean Relations, Seoul National University Center for Social Sciences and S.N.U. Unification Forum, December 14-15, 2000.

    9. “Globalization and Institutional Reform: The Case of the Korean Economic Crisis in the Late 1990s,” Paper presented at the Session on “Globalization, Economic Crisis and Governance in East Asia,” of the 18th World Congress of International Political Science Association, Quebec City, August 1-5, 2000.

    10. “South Korea in 1999: Overcoming Cold War Legacies,” Asian Survey (January/February 2000), pp.164-171.

    11. “The Political Economy of Economic Crisis: The Case of South Korea,” in Gabriel Jonsson and Katharina Soffronow, eds. Korea: A Stocktaking (Center for Pacific Asia Studies, Stockholm University, 2000), pp.69-80.

    12. “Political Economy of Regional Integration Process: Europe and East Asia,” Paper presented at the Seminar on General Public Space for Our Common Futures: Models of Integration in Asia and Europe, organized by Forward Studies Unit, European Commission, and the Institute for the Integrated Study of Future Generations, Kyoto, Japan, in European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, Oct.19-21, 1999.

    13. "Political Economy of Multilateral Institution-Building: The European Experience and the Future of the APEC," Paper presented at the 1994 International Studies Association meeting, March 28-April 1, 1994.

    14. "The Political Economy of Transition: Japanese Foreign Direct Investments in the 1980s," World Politics, Vol.43, No.1 (October 1990), pp.1-27.

    And 5 books and about 40 other articles (in Korean or English).


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