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    • 이경태 Lee, Kyung-tae
    • FTA 국내대책위원회 공동위원장, 고려대학교 국제대학원 석좌교수, 전 대외경제정책연구원 원장, 전 OECD 대사
      President, Institute for International Trade, Korean International Trade Association

    현재 고려대학교 국제대학원 석좌교수이며, FTA 국내대책위원회 공동위원장이다. 주요 경력사항으로는 주 OECD 대표부 대사 APEC(아시아태평양경제협력위원회) 경제위원회 의장, 대외경제정책연구원 원장, 산업연구원 부원장 등을 역임했다 저서로 『Korea's Foreign Trade Strategy in the New Millennium』, 『Korea's Economic Strategy in the Globalization Era』(eds. by Yul Kwon Oh and Kyung Tae Lee, Edward Elgar Co., 2003)와 『China's Integration with the World Economy: Repercussions of China's Accession to the WTO』(eds. by Kyung Tae Lee, Justin Yifu Lin, Si Jeong Kim, KIEP, 2001) 등이 있다.

    KyungTae Lee is currently Distinguished Professor at the Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University.
    He is also serving as the co-Chair of the FTA Committee of the Korean government. Again, he is Managing Editor of Korea Observer, an English Academic Journal published by the Institute of Korean Studies.
    He served as the President of the Institute for International Trade at the Korea International Trade Association (2008-2011), and as the President of the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (1998-2001, 2005-2008). KIEP is a major public think-tank of Korea.
    He was dispatched as Ambassador of the Korea’s Permanent Delegation to the OECD (2002-2004).
    He was member of the Presidential Commission on Policy Planning.
    Mr. Lee had a wide range of experience in international affairs. He had been on the International Advisory Board of East-West Center, Hawaii. He chaired the APEC Economic Committee. He was a member of the East Asia Vision Group.

    Mr. Lee has written and edited many books and articles. “A Roadmap for East-Asian Monetary Integration: The Necessary First Step”, KIEP Working Paper 07-04, coauthored with DuckRyong Yoon, 2007; “Korea’s Foreign Trade Strategy in the New Millenium,” in a book [ Korea’s Economic Strategy in the Globalization Era ] edited with OhYul Kwon, Edward Elgar Co., 2003; [ China’s Integration with the World Economy: Repercussions of China’s Accession to the WTO ] edited with Justin Lin and SiJoong Kim; “Is the East Asian Development Model Dead?”, KIEP, 2001. The book titled [ Theory and Practice of Industrial Policy ] was used as a text in several universities.

    Born on December 26th, 1947,Mr. Lee received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Seoul National University and Ph.D in economics from George Washington University.


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