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    • 김달중 Kim, Dalchoong
    • 서울국제포럼 명예회장, 연세대학교 명예교수, 전 세계정치학회(IPSA) 회장
      President Emeritus, The Seoul Forum for International Affairs; Professor Emeritus, Yonsei University; former President, International Political Science Association (IPSA)

    1938년 4월 2일생 연세대 정외과. 대만 국립정치대 외교연구소 석사. 미국 터프츠대 플레처 스쿨에서 국제정치학 석사 및 박사. 외교부 외교안보연구원 연구위원 및 교수(197~197), 연세대 교수(197~2003), 동서문제연구원장, 국제학대학원장, 행정대학원장. 한국세계지역학회장(1986~1988), 한국국제정치학회장(1993), 외교부 외교정책자문위원회위원장 (1995~1998), 한국해로연구회 운영위원장(1986~2004), 아태안보협력이사회 한국위원회의장(1996~2004), 세종연구소장(1999~2000), 세계정치학회장(2000~2003) 역임.

    Dr. Dalchoong Kim is President of the Seoul Forum for International Affairs(SFIA). He was Director of the Institute of East and West Studies, Dean of the Graduate School of International Studies, Dean of the Graduate School of Public Administration, and currently Professor Emeritus at Yonsei University. He served as President of the Sejong Institute. He also served as President of the Korean Association of Area Studies(formerly Korea Research Council on Socialist Countries) and President of the Korean Association of International Studies. Dr. Kim was President of International Political Science Association(IPSA), an international academic organization founded in 1949 under the auspices of UNESCO. Dr. Kim was President and currently Honorary President of the Sealanes of Communications(SLOC) Study Group-Korea. He is now serving as Co-Chair of the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia-Pacific(CSCAP), representing non-ASEAN member committees. Dr. Kim is a member of the Foreign Policy Advisory Council at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade since 1981. His co-edited publications in English include Regional Cooperation in the Pacific Era(1988); Asia Communism: Continuity and Transition(1988); Peace and Cooperation in Northeast Asia(1990); Korea-India Tryst with Change and Development(1993); Maritime Policy, Maritime Security and Ocean Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific(1995); History, Cognition and Peace in East Asia(1997); and Korean Security Dynamics in Transition(2001).


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