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Current Members

    • 이정훈 Jung-Hoon Lee
    • 연세대 국제학대학원 교수; 동원학원 이사장; 외교부 북한인권국제협력대사
      Professor of International Relations; ROK Ambassador for Human Rights

    연세대 국제학대학원 교수 / 현대학국학연구소장 / 동서문제연구원 미국연구소장
    (국제교육교류원장 / 언더우드국제대학장 / 유럽센터소장 역임)
    세이브NK 공동대표
    미래한국(주간지) 부회장
    한국실업테니스연맹 회장
    통일부 정책자문위원
    ‘나눔의 집’ 후원회 부회장
    일 Keio대학교 법학대학 정치학과 방문교수 / 동경대 일한문화교류기금 교환연구원
    미 CSIS visiting fellow / U.C. Berkeley 전임강사 역임
    Tufts University 학사 / Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy 석사 / University of Oxford 박사

    Jung-Hoon Lee is Professor of International Relations at Yonsei University’s Graduate School of International Studies in Seoul, Korea. Until recently, he was Dean of the Underwood International College (UIC) as well as the Office of International Affairs. He received his BA from Tufts University, MALD from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, and D.Phil. from the University of Oxford (St. Antony’s College). His former positions include a full-time lectureship at U.C. Berkeley’s Department of International & Area Studies, a research fellowship at the University of Tokyo (Japan-Korea Cultural Exchange Foundation Fellow), a non-resident visiting fellowship at the CSIS in Washington, D.C., and a visiting professorship at Keio University’s Faculty of Law. Outside the campus, Prof. Lee holds a number of board and committee memberships including CSCAP-Korea’s Executive Committee where he served as secretary-general. Other academic commitments include former or current directorship at the Korea Political Science Association, Korea Association of International Studies, the Korean Society of Contemporary European Studies, the Korean Council of Area Studies, ASEM Research Forum in Korea (co-founder), the Future Korea Institute, and the International Political Science Association. In an advisory capacity, he served or currently serves as an advisor to South Korea’s National Security Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the National Assembly, Dong-Ah Daily Newspaper, and the Ministry of Unification. On a personal note, Prof. Lee runs as Chairman of the Board an educational foundation in Seoul called Tongwon Foundation that houses Tongwon College, Hanyoung Foreign Language High School, Hanyoung High School, Hanyoung Junior High School, Hanyoung Kindergarten, and Kukje Haksulwon, a research think-tank. He is also Chairman of the Korea Semi-Professional Tennis Federation, Co-Chair of Save NK, an NGO dealing mainly with North Korean defectors, Vice-Chair of Future Korea Weekly, a bi-weekly magazine on current affairs, and Publicity Ambassador for the House of Sharing where several remaining ‘comfort women’ are housed. Until recently, he hosted for five years a weekly TV program on current affairs called ‘In Focus’ on Arirang TV that is televised globally. His writings and commentaries frequently appear on local and foreign media including CNN, BBC, NHK, CNBC, ABC, Channel News Asia, NYT, Washington Post, etc. He has written widely on East Asian affairs, with special reference to foreign policy and security issues.


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