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    • 천진환 Chun, Jin-hwan
    • 김구재단 부이사장; 전 LG상사 사장
      Vice Chairman, Kim Koo Foundation; former President & CEO, LG International Corp.

    1939년생. 연세대. 대만 국립정치대. 미국 네브라스키대. 중국 북경대에서 정치학 박사 취득. 지난 5년간 연세대 국제학대학원 특임초빙교수로 중국 정치경제와 중국 비즈니스 강의. 인천대 중국학연구소 소장. 1984년부터 1999년까지 LG그룹 사장, 중국 본부장 역임. 현재 중국 강소성 연운항공가태도도시발전공사 회장과 한국 KCP Inc.회장.

    Education : BA in Political Science and Diplomacy, College of Politics
    and Law, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 1961
    MA in Political Science and Diplomacy, Graduate School
    of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University, Taipei, ROC, 1966
    Ph. D. Candidate in Political Science, University of Nebraska, 1973
    Ph. D. in International Relations, Beijing University, PRC, 1998

    Experience :
    1963 - 1964 Special Correspondent of Sasanggye Publishing Ltd., to the Republic of China
    1962 - 1964 Correspondent of Choong Ang llbo (Central Daily News of Korea) to the Republic of China
    1966 - 1968 Market Researcher, Korea Trade Promotion Center, New York Office
    1967 - 1968 Chairman, Korean Junior Chamber of Commerce (New York Chapter)
    1976 - 1978 Managing Director, Tong Yang Cement Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea
    1979 - 1983 Executive Managing Director, Hannam Chemical Corporation, Seoul,
    1984 - 1986 Managing Director, Lucky Goldstar International Corporation, Seoul
    1986 - 1990 Senior Managing Director in Charge of East-Asian Region, Lucky Goldstar International Corporation, Hong Kong
    1990 - 1991 Executive Vice President, Lucky Goldstar International Corporation, Seoul, Korea
    1991 - 1993 President & CEO, Lucky Goldstar International Corporation, Seoul
    1991 - 1994 Chairman, Korea-Indonesia Economic Cooperation, Seoul, Korea

    Experience (continued) :
    1991 - 1994 Chairman, Korea-Rumania Economic Cooperation Committee
    1992 - 1995 Honorary Consul of the Republic of Chile in Korea
    1993 - Present International Advisory Board, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA
    1994 - 1994 President , Global Business Strategy Committee, Chairman's Office, Lucky Goldstar Group, Seoul, Korea
    1994 - 1998 Visiting Professor, College of International Commerce, Hua Dong Normal University, Shanghai, China
    1994 - Present Advisory Committee Member, Korea Overseas International Corporation Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Seoul, Korea
    1995 - 1998 President & CEO, Executive Office For China, LG Group, Beijing, PRC
    1997 - 2003 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
    2003 - 2007 Chair Professor, University Incheon, Korea
    2005 - 2007 Visiting Professor, Hallym Institute of Advanced International Studies
    2005 - 2008 A Member of Consulting Editors, Korea and World Affairs (a Quarterly Review), The Research Center for Peace and and Unification of Korea
    2008 - Present Visiting Professor, Inha University

    Membership : The Seoul Forum for International Affairs, Seoul, Korea
    Korea-China Future Forum, Seoul, Korea
    North East Asia Economic Forum, Seoul, Korea
    Yoido Society for New Asia, Seoul, Korea
    Korea-Mongolia Forum, Seoul, Korea

    Award :

    Nov., 1989 Conferred The Presidential Award of the ROK on the occasion of the
    26th Annual Korea Trade Day
    Nov., 1991 Conferred The Order of Industrial Merit Silver Tower on the occasion
    of the 28th Annual Korea Trade Day
    Dec., 1994 Conferred The Grand Award for Globalization-Individual Category, by
    Korea Management Association


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