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    • 김은미 Kim, Eun-mee
    • 이화여자대학교 국제대학원 교수
      Professor, Graduate School of International Studies

    1997년부터 현재까지 이화여자대학교 국제대학원의 원장 및 교수로 재직 중이다. 또한 현재 이화여자대학교의 국제개발협력연구원 (전 글로벌협력센터)의 원장으로, WCU 연구과제, “국제개발협력의 효율성에 대한 국제사례비교 연구” 과제책임자이며 국무총리실 산하 국제개발협력위원회 민간위원으로 활동하고 있다. 국제개발협력학회 창립회원이며 현 학회장이다.

    Dr. Eun Mee Kim is Dean and Professor at the Graduate School of International Studies and Director of the Institute for Development and Human Security at Ewha Womans University. She is a civilian member on the Committee for International Development Cooperation under the Prime Minister’s Office. In 2009, she received the World Class University Research Grant as the PI from the National Research Foundation of the Republic of Korea entitled, "Cross-National Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Development Assistance." Her research and teaching areas include political economy of East Asia, development cooperation, globalization, and multiculturalism. Her books include Multicultural Society of Korea (Nanam 2009); Corporate Restructuring and Networks in Korea After the Financial Crisis(Seoul National University Press 2005); Big Business, Strong State: Collusion and Conflict in South Korean Development, 1960-1990 (State University of New York Press 1997); and The Four Asian Tigers: Economic Development and the Global Political Economy Development (Academic Press 1998). She is currently the President and founding member of the Korean Association of International Development Cooperation.


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