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Publication and Reports
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18 [Publications] SFIA Newsletter- "The International Criminal Court : Achievements and Challenges Ahead.” by Song, Sang Hyun.  인기글 2014-01-03 1,496
17 [Publications] SFIA Newsletter-“The center of Himalaya Zone, the world’s new hub” by Kim, Jin-hyun  인기글 2014-01-03 1,396
16 [Publications] SFIA Newsletter-North Korea’s nuclear crisis and US-Korea relationship by Ahn, Byung-joon  인기글 2014-01-03 1,913
15 [Publications] SFIA Newsletter Viewpoint Four-fold Gaps and Troubled Partnership between Korea and Japan by Cheol Hee Park  인기글 2013-09-29 1,340
14 [Publications] SFIA Newsletter- "Korea and Australia in the New Asian Century" by Park Jin  인기글 2013-09-25 1,272
13 [Publications] SFIA Newsletter- "Entrenching a new justice paradigm: how the International Criminal Court is changing the World." by Song Sang Hyun  인기글 2013-09-25 1,197
12 [Publications] Korea-India Dialogue  인기글 2013-06-17 1,294
11 [Publications] SFIA Newsletter-Green Growth, Sustainable Development, Architecture for Green Growth and Korea's aspiration as a Hub for Global Green Growth by Yang Soogil  인기글 2013-06-03 1,514
10 [Publications] SFIA Newsletter-Viewpoint, The Consequences of North Korean Nuclear Saga by Lee Chung Min  인기글 2013-06-03 1,641
9 [Publications] SFIA Newsletter-China's Search for Grand Strategy after the Cold War and the Future of the Korean Peninsula by Ahn Byung Joon  인기글 2013-06-03 1,297


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